Argireline – Dr. Oz recommends as safe alternative to Botox


Safe Botox Alternative Cream

Argireline is a cream that Dr. Oz recommended as a safe, non-intrusive alternative to botox for dealing with wrinkles and crowsfeet. 5-10% concentration – Gentle alternative for Botox that you can apply yourself at home

GOLDEN SERUM for Skin tightening, firming and sagging prevention. Also has 20% Argireline, DMAE, APT (Red marine Algae), Pepha tight, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A (retin-a), Vitamin C, and Syncoll plus much more. 1 oz/30ml ONE FREE SAMPLE WITH EACH PACKAGE!!

Other Natural Botox Alternatives for crows feet and wrinkls recommended by Dr. Oz:

Gaba Super Antioxidant Cream – Antioxidants help in so many ways including fighting wrinkles and crows feet. The Gaba, the superantioxidant, helps relax the muscles around the skin, especially around the eye and works in around 10 minutes letting you go out with far less wrinkles and crowsfeet.

PMD Personal Microderm System

This home skin machine works by exfoliating and stimulating the collagen to slowdown the expansion and deepening of wrinkles and fine lines.

The problem is as we age our skin cell turnover really decelerates and we have a lot of exposure to the sun especially our faces.

This great machines gently exfoliates to restore a healthy glow to your skin and stimulates collagen to slowdown slowdown progression of fine lines and wrinkle and fill them in.

Use a very gentle sweeping motion

For DarK Bags under the Eyes:

Parsley Tea – a diuretic with powerful antioxidants – put in ice cube tray and take out the parsley tea ice cubes and hold them under the eyes to reduce puffiness, and Parsley Tea has many antioxidants which will help a lot.

Alvita Tea Bags, Parsley, Caffeine Free, 30 tea bags [1.625 oz (46 g)] (Pack of 3)

Also take an over the counter antihistamine.

For Sagging Skin on your Neck

Retinoids are the most proven tool for wrinkles, only can use Retinoids on neck once a week as it is more sensitive than your face. Retinoids will help build up your collagen as it diminishes wrinkles.

For Dull Skin Tone
Exfoliating Masks – Exfoliation masks help you and are the best way to bring shine back to your skin..

1 Whole Tomato

2 TsP Sea Salt

1/2 TSP Raw Honey

Mix in a bowl and massage onto your face — leave on for 5 minutes.

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