Dr. Oz’s Facelift Alternatives

Dr. Oz featured two leading plastic surgeons and their alternatives to undergoing a knife to regain a youthful look.

Their first recommendation was Topical Vitamin C. We all lose Vitamin C as we age and it can be a real difference on smoothing your skin and making it look younger.

Bonus tip is to mix the Vitamin C with Vitamin E.


Their Second Recommendation was Phytoceramides, the closest thing to a miracle in a bottle for your skin. Ceramides naturally occur in our skin and are responsible for helping maintain moisture in our skin but we lose them as we age and as a result we lose moisture in our skin it dries out and wrinkles form. Phyto means from plants, and Phytoceramides, ceramides from rice and wheat have been used by women in Asia for their skin for a long time with great success. The FDA has recently approved Phytoceramides for use in the United States

The recommendation is to take 350 mg 1 times a day with food. You should start seeing results in 4 weeks with your skin becoming smoother and less dry and wrinkles diminished. This is a natural solution that should work for everyone. The only caveat is for people with gluten or wheat sensitivity may want to look at phytoceramides from rice.

Their Third Recommendation was Power Facial Cleansers. Its like an electric toothbrush that cleanses and exfoliates powerfully but gently. It gets great results. The more sensitive your skin the more you want to get a cleanser with faster brush movement. They range in price greatly so you can try a cheaper one and move up to a more expensive model.

Start two or 3 times a week and overtime build up to once every second day. Use it with gentle pressure in circular motions 2o seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose, 10 seconds on your chin, and 20 seconds on cheek.

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